What is Piko Cloud Connect?

The Piko Cloud allows users to connect to the Piko Server behind a NAT without setting up port forwarding.

What analytics are supported by Piko?

Piko supports in-camera analytics as well as having built in analytics into Piko’s software including object detection, line crossing and heatmapping. Please visit our Piko page for a complete list analytics supported.

How many users can be supported on a specific group within Piko?

Up to 1000 users on a specific system, which are all included in your cost.

What platforms will Piko work on?

Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications are all supported. Please visit our Piko page for a complete list of all platforms.

What unique advantages does Piko have over other IP Video Surveillance systems?

Besides being extremely user friendly, Piko is on the cutting edge of technology and advancements. Please visit our Piko page for additional advantages provided by Piko.

How Secure is Piko?

Piko secures management traffic/data, video from camera streams and user login authorization.

What operating systems does Piko support?

Windows, Linux and Ubuntu. Please visit our Piko page for a complete list of versions supported.

How do you add users within Piko?

In 4 simple steps you can create a new user. Please follow our YouTube link to see more.

How do you add cameras within Piko?

Piko can automatically any ONVIF cameras connected to your system or if you have a Subnet you can scan and add cameras with associated usernames and passwords.

Is there an ability to increase/decrease users permissions within Piko?

Yes, Piko has an extensive user based permission set within user roles. Please view our YouTube channel on how to edit user roles here.

Does Piko use any rules to alert users?

Yes, Piko has an extensive "if this than that" rules engine. Please view our YouTube channel to see more about creating rules within Piko here.

What integrations does Piko have?

With Piko's open architecture and open API set, Piko has the ability to integrate with any platform that can send/receive API's.

How do you export video from Piko?

In 4 simple steps you can export video in 5 different codecs. Please view our YouTube tutorial here to see how to export.

What cameras are supported by Piko?

Any ONVIF or any camera with a RTSP stream. Please visit our Piko page for a complete list of all compatible cameras.

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