Introducing the evolution of Piko.  More than just video surveillance, Piko has evolved into A Unified Security Platform.

Piko A Unified Security Platform

Piko, a flagship offering from CSG, represents our dedication to innovative, user-friendly technology solutions. Engineered with simplicity, security, and openness at its core, Piko offers a unified platform that not only integrates advanced surveillance and security features but also ensures seamless compatibility with diverse systems. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, Piko stands as a testament to our commitment to providing adaptable, scalable solutions that empower users with unparalleled flexibility and control.

Introducing Piko Unified Security Platform's new PikoEdge Camera!  Watch the video.

The Piko Product Suite


A robust video management platform offering seamless monitoring and playback across a wide range of devices, ensuring top-tier surveillance and security capabilities.

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A serverless camera solution that runs PikoVIDEO locally, optimizing video processing and analytics at the edge for immediate, bandwidth-efficient surveillance.

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Advanced AI-driven analytics plugin for PikoVIDEO, enabling real-time object detection and insights to enhance security and operational intelligence.

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An integration platform that harmonizes enterprise systems like Access Control and Alarm systems, creating a unified, efficient security management ecosystem.

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Integrating ATMs, ITMs, and point-of-sale systems into the surveillance network, PikoTERMINAL allows for seamless monitoring of transactional operations.

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A 24/7 video verification service that authenticates alarm alerts, allowing for accurate threat assessment and response coordination by our Network Operations Center.

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Piko: A Cook Solutions Group Product


It's easy to use, setup, and maintain. Security shouldn't be complicated.


With fully encrypted, outbound only communication, backed by industry leading managed services, your data is more than secure.


Piko integrates with a variety of security platforms and devices.

“In the event of a security incident, Piko’s built-in SmartSearch feature, along with its flexibility, saves our clients precious time during high-stress moments.”
- Daniel Smallwood, VP of Product

Update Your Software.
Keep Your Hardware.

Piko software integrates with most major IP camera brands on the market today. If you love your cameras, but need a better management platform, try Piko.

If you’re starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered too. Having spent two decades testing every camera on the market, we’ve done the hardware research, so you don’t have to.

Piko in Action.

CSG + OCCU: Testimonial

CSG + People’s Bank: Testimonial

CSG + Providence Park: Video Surveillance that’s Simple.

Built-in Analytics Make Your Life Easier.

When an alarm is triggered, or a camera stops functioning, view all of your alerts, camera footage, and analytics in one simple to use platform saving valuable time and resources should an incident ever occur.

Piko has an endless amount of built-in features to help you keep your perimeter secure or search your stored data to find when an incident occurred. With the ability to hyper focus or ignore certain areas in your field of view, Piko allows you to set specific perimeters unique to your business needs.


Explore how Piko VMS
can impact your industry.

From a single entry point, to a multi-building system, Piko can be your eyes in the sky.

Pick Your Solution

Piko is Simple. It’s pricing should be too.

Simply choose the package that best fits your needs, and pay one payment per camera.

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Software Only

Bring Your Own Camera

Piko software integrates with most major camera brands. 99% of IP cameras on the market today.

Software & Hardware

Get New

Don’t have camera system? We’ve done the research for you. We can work with our engineers to strategically utilize our vetted hardware to ensure your needs are met.

Software, Hardware & Support

Add Remote

Back your Piko software with award-winning customer service from Cook Solutions Group.

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