ATM & ITM Terminal Security

A Unified Solution for ATM & ITM Protection

In an era where digital transactions are omnipresent, ATM and ITM terminals have become prime targets for sophisticated criminal activities. Fraudulent schemes, including skimming, phishing, physical attacks, and software hacking, are on the rise, posing significant threats to the security of financial transactions and personal data. The complexity and variability of these threats demand a security solution that is not only comprehensive but also adaptable to the evolving landscape of financial crime.

Our Unique Approach

Our strategy extends beyond traditional surveillance, incorporating real-time monitoring, intelligent analytics, and proactive threat detection. Our approach is based on a layered security strategy that addresses various vulnerabilities, including:

  • Hook & Chain, Physical Attacks: Fortify terminals against brute force attacks aiming to extract cash.
  • Reg E Claims: Support compliance with Regulation E by providing evidence and transaction verification to resolve disputes.
  • Software Vulnerabilities: Utilize AI based  Endpoint Security to shield the ATM operating system from malware and other cyber threats.
  • Data Compliance: Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data stored on terminal hard drives using hard drive encryption.
  • Card Skimming and Cash Harvesting: Prevent unauthorized data capture and cash removal from terminals.
  • Terminal Jackpotting: Guard against unauthorized software manipulation aiming to dispense cash fraudulently.
  • Cash Dispensing and Cash Trapping: Secure dispensing mechanisms from tampering and unauthorized cash trapping devices.
  • Transaction Reversal Fraud (TRF): Protect against manipulation techniques that reverse transactions to withdraw cash.


Terminal Security suite tackles ATM and ITM security challenges by utilizing advanced tools below:

  • RemoteView Electronic Journals & Security Plus
  • PikoVIDEO
  • PikoVERIFY
  • SAN Camera & Fraudulent Detection Engine.

This integrated approach merges AI surveillance, transaction validation, and screen recording for a comprehensive defense against physical and digital risks. With real-time monitoring and proactive threat detection, we proactively safeguards against security breaches, ensuring terminal security and aiding in dispute resolution. This strategy underscores our commitment to providing a secure, intelligent, and adaptable security ecosystem, positioning it as a pivotal solution for contemporary financial institutions facing diverse threats.

This video showcases the comprehensive security coverage provided by CSG's Terminal Security suite in action. Witness the seamless integration of ATM screen recording, strategic surveillance from overhead and PikoEDGE ATM cameras, alongside a focused view from a cash dispensing camera, all working in concert to deliver unparalleled protection and insight.

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