Meet Piko VMS. The best video management and surveillance system ever created.

CSG launches sub brand website. Simple. Secure. Open. Piko VMS

The best video management software platform and surveillance system ever created. Watch the video and view our FAQ below.

Is Piko video surveillance secure?

Yes. Piko uses outbound ports only and supports 1-10,000+ cameras.  Even in transmission, the video is secure and encrypted.

Is Piko Video Surveillance user-friendly?

Yes. Piko VMS is easy, user-friendly, allows custom video cluster creation and includes smart search to quickly find video footage or event.

Does Piko Video Surveillance integrate with open APIs?

Yes. With open APIs, Piko VMS integrates with alarm, access control, fire, and other IoT.

Does Piko Video Surveillance save time and labor hours?

Yes. Piko is the equivalent to 1-2 FTE as staff save thousands of labor hours and become much more efficient.

What are the best Piko video surveillance features?

Piko VMS plug ins include line detection, object detection, people and area detection, retail analytics and much more.

Does Piko video surveillance have a remote app?

Yes. Piko VMS offers a mobile app for phone, tablet and desktop.

Does Piko Video Surveillance offer a Managed Service?

Yes. Piko is RemoteView capable and can be packaged with Cook Solutions Group’s full all-inclusive video surveillance managed services. Best in class hardware also available.

Is Piko video surveillance better than other VMS platforms?

Yes. Piko is the best video management software and surveillance system ever created. It's simple, secure, and open.

Does Piko video surveillance provide a video on how it works?

Yes. Watch the Piko video above.

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Meet Piko VMS. The best video management and surveillance system ever created.